Our Mission

Swan Training provides individuals and teams with the skills to be successful in life and sport through a holistic approach; mind, body, and spirit. This means an athlete needs to be balanced biomechanically, but also emotionally and mentally. Our goal is to provide accessible programs globally.
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Our Team

We offer clinics to a variety of sports for both coaches and athletes. Our founder, Michael Luczak, trains pro basketball players from Europe, China, NCAA, CIS, and high school levels. He is also a high performance race coach, published in the advanced coaching manual of Sailing Canada for physical literacy and warm-ups.
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Our Programs

Individual - Skill development, Strength & Conditioning
Group - Training, Drop-in Programs, Webinars
Team - Training, Injury Prevention Programs, Baseline Fitness Assessments, Basketball Practices, Clinics & Camps
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Sport Specifics

Improving the biomechanics and sport specific skills of high performance athletes or teams. We offer individual training, group or team training, as well as camps & clinics.


Improving the cognitive and mental health strategizes athletes and coaches utilizes to improve performance on and off the field.

We offer sport psych clinics to teams and individuals in packages, as well as individualized learning through webinars


Helping athletes, coaches, and clinicians create accountability through multidisciplinary assessments.


Improving your knowledge of food, dietary needs, and how to manage them as an active individual.

Online Education

Our major goal online is proud webinars to educate athletes everywhere. Topics cover three major areas of holistic health; Physical, Cognitive, Emotional. Topics cover three major areas of holistic health; Physical, Cognitive, Emotional. We bring in professionals every month to contribute, subscribe on YouTube

Are you ready to get started?

If you have questions about the opportunities available to you in our programs, feel free to send us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.