Swan Training provides the tools for individuals to succeed.

Sport specific & Wellness training, Assessments & Nutrition are the pillars of our holistic sport model.

Providing the athletes with a solid foundation of offensive and defensive sport specific skills. Hand and foot skills are developed through technical instruction, drills, and scrimmage. Swan Training develops a mix of fundamentals and advanced techniques proven successful at all levels of the sport.

Focusing currently on developing our mental skills training program for athletes and youth. The program involves screening individual and team sport athletes with a research proven sport psych assessment. The athletes receive two hour long seminars on performance anxiety, flow state, depression (of injury), stress, and coping skills. The assessments are reviewed and provide insight into the athletes mental skills, barriers to their success, and information into the gaps in current athlete development models.

The assessments also help highlight any at-risk athletes that may need further professional support. The baseline testing has been developed and accepted in scholarly research. The information provided will allow us to create programming specific for individual and team sports, as well as provides feedback individually for the athlete’s development.

Assessments are a key component to learning as they provide markers in competency and retention of the skills. Assessments also provide external motivation for the athletes. We supplement this through the creation of long term SMART goals that break down into measurable assessments within their individualized program.

Nutrition can help athletic performance and is a key contributor to the development of a young person. Swan Training not only provides insight into performance nutrition, competitive weight loss (weight-based competitions eg. wrestling, judo), generalized weight-loss, and prenatal and postnatal dietetics.

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