Swan Training is determined to helping address the lack of Mental Skills training and education currently available to youth and athletes. Swan Training is utilizing a long-term two pronged approach the current gaps in mental health.

Swan Training is partnering with local universities and Mitacs to create a research program reviewing the current assessment tools for identifying mental health needs.

There are those who currently have a mental health issue or illness that needs prompt access to appropriate professional support. Swan Training hopes to create a stronger screening tool to help identify these individuals and athletes.

Secondly Swan Training aims to use this reviewed screening tool to conduct a study of 10,000 athletes. The study will screen athletes of both team and individual sport to better gain insight into the mental skills they utilize. The study will then compare and review the data accumulated to better understand what differentiates team and individual sports and the mental skills they require to be successful.

Swan Training uses current research and information to create programming and educational materials for the benefit of all children and youth.

Youth must be taught the skills that will help them achieve positive mental health so that; in the face of future challenges, they possess the resiliency to thrive and succeed.

Teachers, coaches, and parents cannot be expected to diagnose a mental illness or even learning disability. But in a life of a struggling student, they are part of a 'resource caravan'. A resource caravan consists of individuals within that student's life that provide enrichment and support. It is these individuals who provide support and often resources locally to help that teach the athlete mental skills and how learn how to take care of their own well-being.

Swan Training aims to provide information, content, and resources for both these individuals and the athletes to improve their mental health.

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