Jacob (Kuba) Luczak has been involved in competitive grappling since the age of 8. Kuba competed in wrestling throughout high school, excluding grade 10 where he took a break from combative sports. In his final year of high school Kuba went undefeated winning club provincials, OFSAA Championships and nationals. Through hard work and mental preparation Kuba realized his goals into success. He was nominated valedictorian with high academic standing and offered scholarships to universities across Canada.

Kuba wrestled at the University of Regina from 2012-2015; in his rookie season he placed 3rd at Junior Nationals and 5th at Senior Nationals. The placements earned him a place on the 2013 Canadian Junior Pan American Championship Team. Kuba competed at the Pan American Wrestling Championships in Santiago, Chile, and proudly earned Canada a Bronze medal. In 2015, his time in Regina finished with a 100 kg bronze medal at University Nationals. Concussion led Kuba to take more serious time away from competitive sport yet again.

The following 2016 year he returned to his hometown of Thunder Bay, Ontario and began training and competing full time again. Kuba placed in all of his competitions and finished the year off wrestling for gold at Canadian USport Nationals (University Nationals). He was named All-Canadian and is now competing to qualify for the Canadian Olympic Team.

Through Matt Richer, owner of Leading Edge MMA Gym, Kuba began coaching high school wrestlers and jiu jitsu/MMA competitors in the last few years. His experience internationally in both wrestling and judo has given him immense exposure to different coaches and styles of competition. Kuba has translated this into a steady growth of clients and athletes under his coaching out of Leading Edge Gym in Ontario. His experience in both grappling and submitting opponents has led to coaching mixed martial arts through private clinics internationally.

Still training and competing, Kuba is still mastering his craft. He recognizes the benefit of continuing education, hand skills, foot skills and now mental skills to be at the pinnacle of a sport.

He opens up his knowledge of competitive grappling sports through regular camps and clinics with people of all ages, and to spread the interest in the sport of wrestling throughout Canada. Kuba always brings out people’s full potentials at their pace and level in a fun and challenging way.

Swan Training prefers to do quality work with groups of up to 24-30 athletes of a certain age group. This allows for personalized coaching opportunites; increasing audience attention and retention of the skills taught. Each age group trains for 2.5 to 3 hours per day, allowing for two trainings per day.

All camp and clinics national or international should be planned for 2 to 3 days.

Pricing - Please contact for pricing for camps and clinics vary, depending on distance and duration.

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